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Real, raw dog training videos

I created these videos in a unique way, prioritizing authenticity over traditional editing. I aimed for a raw, unfiltered portrayal, showcasing both the successes and failures, without relying on movie magic. Moreover, I chose not to edit to prove that I could genuinely train a dog and its owner to walk properly in just 30 minutes—and sometimes less!.

See the K9 Control Method in action

I wanted to see how many dogs could be trained with the K9 Control Method in a short span of time. These are real dog owners and their pets local to my area—and before their appearance on camera, I have never seen or trained these dogs before.

Real dog owners

These participants are REAL dog owners who responded to my post on Facebook asking for any owners who had issues with their dogs pulling on their leash or not heeling. As compensation, I offered them a free 30-minute session with an additional free 30-minute follow-up session in 2-3 weeks.

Real results for you to see

Each participating owner in our videos saw a noticeable improvement in their dog’s walking behavior. In fact, some owners reported that their dog’s reactivity issues to other dogs were completely fixed!

What makes this different from other dog training videos?

In my training sessions, there are no games or silly gimmicks. These are straightforward, authentic training videos showing you what you need to know to get your dog to follow essential commands and have a better walking experience.

What is the K9 Control Method?

Developed over my 30 years of dog training and nearly 20 years of owning K9 Control, the Method is a holistic approach to dog training. It’s about aligning our goals as handlers, trainers, and owners with the cognitive abilities of canines. Altogether, the Method focuses on effective communication and responsiveness.

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