Service Dog Training Services

Service dog training equips canines to assist individuals with disabilities, emphasizing task-specific skills, unparalleled loyalty, and deep human-canine bonds for enhanced quality of life.

My Service Dog Training Program is a rigorous, 5-month program that will ensure your dog can respond effectively to unique needs, exhibiting patience, intelligence, and unparalleled loyalty. This is a specialized form of training requires consistent reinforcement, a deep understanding of behavior, effective communication, and accountability on the part of both the dog and the handler/owner.

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About the Service Dog Training Program

This is an intense, work at your own pace, program that will take a minimum of 5 months to complete.  The program focuses on 12 rubrics, and both the dog and handler will be individually graded and most with a Zero Tolerance Pass/Fail.  Dogs and handlers who complete this course will receive a certificate of completion.

A proven program trusted by clinicians, churches, educators, and law enforcement

Dogs and handlers who have completed this course are currently serving in the capacity of PTSD companion dog, TBI balance dog, deboarding of unaccompanied minors at DFW airport, working with clinical psychiatrists, church groups, retreats, working with colleges during finals week, reading programs, working in assisted living housing.  There is even a program designed for schools and police departments.

Start living life to the fullest with your dog

My exclusive training program has helped hundreds of dog owners across the Metroplex have better lives with their four-legged friends. The K9 Control Training Program will help with communication, discipline, behavior control, and relationship building with your dog. Contact me today to get started.