In-Home Training Services

The in-home, one on one, personal training program is for older dogs of any age or breed.  The program is very A-Z.  It covers things like stopping barking, mouthing, jumping, pawing, nudging, bumping and more.

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Improving behaviors and instilling obedience

My proven training methods can help:

  • Establish basic obedience commands SIT, STAY, COME HEEL.
  • Stop scratching doors, counter surfing, and other destructive behavior
  • Stop them from stealing items
  • Keep them off the furniture
  • End barking and rushing to the front door by establishing a 5–10-foot boundary the dog won’t cross when answering the door.
  • This is non-physical in-home training—in fact, I will not even touch your dog at all!

Learn how to properly walk your dog

Your dog should walk on a loose leash.  To ensure this I will accompany you on public outings, such as walking around the neighborhood, going to walks in local parks, or going to the veterinarian’s office. Moreover, I can come along with your dog to public places such as a store or the local patio for dinner and drinks.

Once we have got your dog to achieve certain goals for behavior in public, you will be granted access to the Group Classes.  Group classes, we are held outdoor at the local park in Arlington, are excellent opportunities for your dog to be taught how to properly socialize with other people and their pets as well as learn advanced obedience.

An unlimited package for Dallas-Fort Worth dog owners

This package provides clients with unlimited in-home, one on one, personal training and unlimited group classes for the dog’s life!

Other areas that can be addressed with this package include:

  • Marking Territory
  • Aggression
  • Reactivity
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • OCD
  • Fearful Dogs
  • COVID Dogs

Start living life to the fullest with your dog

My exclusive training program has helped hundreds of dog owners across the Metroplex have better lives with their four-legged friends. The K9 Control Training Program will help with communication, discipline, behavior control, and relationship building with your dog. Contact me today to get started.