Here in North Texas, I have clients that have increasingly included their dogs in their active lifestyle. I can’t tell you how many times clients have contacted me about wanting to make their dog a better walking or jogging companion. As a dog trainer that specializes in helping clients have a better experience walking their dogs, I take a much more holistic approach. Holistic dog training dives deep into the interconnection of a dog’s behavior and well-being. I want to offer a few thoughts about the holistic dog training method—what it is, what are its benefits, and how it can make your dog a much better companion.

Table of contents:

What is the Holistic Dog Training Method?

The holistic method embraces the idea that everything is interconnected, and thus best understood when analyzing things as a whole. Imagine trying to put together a puzzle—to see the full picture, you have to fit each puzzle piece together. This philosophy extends into dog training, where the notorious “big” problems—such as marking, aggression, and separation anxiety—are not only symptoms, but manifestations of underlying micro issues.

Consider the issue of a dog marking its territory in places you really wish they didn’t. Instead of just addressing the dog urinating in undesired places, the holistic method requires the trainer to dig deeper. What are the root causes? What are the actual micro-level problems that are triggering this behavior? By identifying and correcting these smaller issues, the overall problem is ultimately resolved. In short: I try to find the reason why dogs are engaging in such behavior, so that I can effectively train the dog to change their behavior.

What Are the 5 Benefits of Holistic Dog Training?

There are so many benefits to holistic dog training, it would be simply too much to list. But as a dog trainer with 30 years of experience helping dog owners live happier lives with their four-legged friends, I’ve narrowed it down to the five biggest advantages, which are:

  • Understanding the “why”. You cannot solve an issue without knowing what’s starting it. A dog’s behavior is no different. If I learn why a dog exhibits certain behaviors, then I can come up with a training plan that addresses said behavior.
  • Quicker results. By addressing the underlying catalysts to a dog’s problematic behavior, the holistic method can bring rapid and noticeable improvements in a short time frame.
  • Versatility. Regardless of the dog owner’s age, the holistic method could easily be applied to a dog’s training regimen. In fact, I have had children as young as 11 effectively use the holistic method to improve their dog’s behavior.
  • Reduced frustration. We’ve all been there: a dog’s behavior can be frustration at times. The holistic method is a straightforward approach that strengthens the bond between the dog owner and the dog after a fairly harmonious training journey.
  • Canine Empowerment. Through clear communication and understanding, dogs are empowered to choose better behaviors which allows for long-lasting and meaningful improvement.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Embrace the Holistic Method

The holistic method does spur quite a bit of debate among dog trainers, but as someone that has three decades of experience training dogs, I can tell you first hand the holistic method works. A lot of my clients have noticed a significant improvement in their behavior in just a matter of days and weeks. Dog owners are embracing the holistic method because:

  • Clear communication. Sometimes we forget that dogs cannot understand human language; however, the holistic method has a clear, precise approach to human-canine communication, allowing dogs to gain an understanding of their owner’s expectations and how to make better choices.
  • Sustainable results. When dogs actively choose behaviors that are much more desirable, repeating these behaviors can lead to stable results.
  • User and dog-friendly: From novice trainers to seasoned handlers, the simplicity and effectiveness of this method make it universally applicable, tackling even the most complex behavioral challenges with ease.

Summing Up

As an experienced dog trainer, I can tell you first hand that the holistic method works. It forms the cornerstone of the K9 Control Training Method. I have helped thousands of dog owners across the Dallas-Fort Worth area have better relationships with their dogs. I hope my explanation of the holistic dog training method has been insightful.


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